An Old Love, A New Challenge

October 17, 2010

…why yes, I am back.

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I’m pretty sure my last post talked about how I was done with running and especially done blogging about it. Well, I’ve got the itch again. My job is requiring me to do a rotation in Mississippi for the next few months and I’ve been looking at things to keep me busy during that time. Somehow, I came across two races and decided I’m going to try to run them. I should have started seriously training about a month ago, but that obviously didn’t happen. I’ve run a couple miles a few times a week for the past few weeks, but nothing serious. So…maybe blogging about it will help me get serious (that is a big “maybe”). It may also give me something else to do while I’m down in the middle of nowhere.

Here are the goals:

Mississippi Gulf Coast Half Marathon (Nov 27) OR Old Man River Half Marathon (Dec 19)


Mardi Gras Rock and Roll Marathon (Feb 13)

No time goals for either race – I just want to finish. I knew I wouldn’t be satisfied with just the half marathon, so I’m going for the full. I figure there is no better time in my life to do it than now. We’ll see.

Today: Ran 5.7 miles in a little under 51 minutes. I was trying to run 6 but got lost in one of the neighborhoods I was in and cut a turn out of it. Oh well, not bad.

Here’s to another challenge! 🙂



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