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December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve!

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When people told me training around the holidays was hard, they weren’t lying! I thought I was more disciplined than this…but routine goes out the window during this time of year. As if finals, graduation, and Christmas weren’t enough, I had all 4 wisdom teeth extracted yesterday. 😦 Needless to say, exercise isn’t even in my vocabulary right now and I’m not exactly sure when I’ll be able to run again. I was hoping only 2-3 days off but recovery isn’t happening like I thought it would either.

I do have some exciting news though! I was a slacker on Saturday and Sunday with graduation and coming home. On Monday, I set out on a run that I guessed was about 6 miles—it happened to be 9 miles! I ran it in an hour and 21 minutes. That is a little under 9 min/mile pace!!! I was pretty excited and actually felt like I had pushed myself!

Tuesday I went over to the beach to run but only did 30 minutes. It is hard to judge my miles on the beach unless I start at specific streets. It was also getting dark and it was freezing. I figured 30 minutes was fine after the awesome run I had on Monday! I came home and did Jillian Michaels Level 2 after my run and called it a day.

Like I said, I had surgery on Wednesday morning and have been in bed or on the couch since then so we’ll see how fast it heals!

Merry Christmas everyone!


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