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November 23, 2009

Week 6, Day 1

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Yay for getting back into the swing of things…sort of!

I went to the gym tonight for some crosstraining.  I did 32 minutes on the bike and then I did 5 of the 6 exercises for wittling my middle!  I have determined that rolling with my hands on the ball is nearly impossible and so I skipped that one for fear of embarrassment!

I have once again, failed almost every rule.  I had french fries for lunch, I drank about 16 oz of water, I had a dinner party tonight where I drank soda and ate all kinds of food including sweets, and I stillll ate a brownie when I got home later tonight (after 9) that Coll made!  Ahhh. Holidays are not the time for my crazy rules!

This week is back to Jillian every day.  No excuses!


November 22, 2009

End of week 5…fail.

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I have not blogged all week which is probably a good repreentation of how this week was for me!  All around failure.

I’ll try to recap as best as possible.  I didn’t do Jillian all week.  Mondy I tried to wittle my middle and I was not very good with my balance so I thought it was not working…but I was sore for 2 days afterward.  However, wittling stopped there.  I did an arm workout Monday too.

Tuesday, I ran 3 miles on the treadmill and it was a fairly good run because I was occupied with studying my notes at the same time.

From then on, everything went down hill.  It was midterm week and a big deadline week for a project in a class and I was determined not to suck at working out during all of it…but I did.  I went to bed with a splitting headache Tuesday night and didn’t feel well Wednesday morning.  I had a huge test on Thursday and Wednesday night was busy (not an excuse, I know) but I took the night off…assuming I would run Thursday and Friday.  With no sleep Wednesday night (Wll, 2 hrs of sleep) I was not feeling well Thursday and took the night off again.  Friday came along and I had meetings all day, fell asleep when I got home, and went out later.  Fail, Fail, Fail.

But, today…..I got my life back together!  …sort of.   I ran 6 miles.  I actually had to stop in the middle and walk for a few minutes because I pinched a nerve in my neck yesterday that was still bothering me today.  I didn’t drink water before I went to run and I ran the first mile or so super fast (7 min 54 seconds…I was booking it.)   Bad news all around…so I had to stop and walk.  When I started again, I paced myself and did well for the rest of the run.  I felt good when I finished and I’m excited to get back on track with training this week!  I really need to work on time management so I don’t neglect all these things when life gets stressful!

As for rules, I failed all week long.  I’m not even going to try to remember 5 days worth.  Sunday is a new week and a fresh start.  Time to get serious!  🙂

November 15, 2009

Last day of Week 4!

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Today was basically 1 month into training.  I have to say I’m pretty satisfied with myself for only skipping one day and modifying training on 2 days.  Horray!

Today was  a super success.  I didn’t get up and run like I planned because I did an overnight babysitting job but I went to the gym tonight.  I ran 6 miles on the treadmill in 55 minutes and 56 seconds!  🙂  We then got super motivated and did an arm workout rotation!  When we got back we did Ab Ripper X.  I didn’t make it through every single one but I probably did about 300 reps total!  Theeennnn we decided to watch cardio kickbox so I could show Coll but decided to get up and do it…only we watched it on fast forward so we only did the moves for half the time that JM did them!  🙂  Basically, I won’t be able to walk tomorrow.

I iced my knee for about 15 minutes after I showered and it feels pretty good now.

As for rules today:

1.  No fast food–fail.  We had wings during the game and now my stomach is not happy with me!

2.  Limit sweets–Not awful.  I had a brownie after all our working out with my milk while we watched a movie–but it was after 9! 😦

3.  Fail.  See above.

4.  I didn’t eat in my bedroom.  Success!

5.  1 Diet soda/day — NO soda today! 🙂   I got new Crystal Light so I drank a lot of that!

6.  90 oz water/day –I didn’t measure it as well as I should have.  I know I had 2 of my bottles so I had at least 60 oz.  If you count all the Crystal Light I drank, I definitely had more than 90!  🙂

Tomorrow begins week 5!  I’m also officially less than 3 months away from race day!  Yay!


November 13, 2009


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Fridays are lazy days for me now.  I don’t have classes and don’t have any meetings as of now which means I do absolutely nothing.  That is a problem because I should be getting ahead on work but my motivation is missing when I know I have 3 days to do everything!

It was a no run day today.  Originally I was going to do some cycling but others with better judgment than I told me to give my knee a rest so I can walk 3 years from now.  Boo!  Soooo I did Jillian Shape Up Front!  I had to take out some of the jumping because I don’t have the bench that they use, but the rest really really makes me work!  Afterward, I did Ab Ripper X.  Shewwwy!  That thing kills my abs.  It was good for me though!

I have done well on my rules today.  It is only 5 pm right now but I promised I’d blog today and I have to do an overnight babysitting job tonight so I probably won’t do it later so I’ll report on rules now and hope I do well the rest of the night.

I have already had about 100 oz of water today.  I’m working on the 4th bottle which is a lot of water! 🙂  Go me!  I had a brownie with lunch and ate my soup and brownie in my room…but I wanted to play bouncing balls in my room and it was easier to bring it in here than unplug everything in my computer and take it out to the living room!  I had a diet soda with lunch as well.  I don’t plan to eat anything else sweet and babysitting will probably keep me from eating after 9.  Horray!

Tomorrow is a 6 mile run!  Yikes!!!

November 12, 2009


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I am way more behind than I normally am.  I was supposed to be getting better.

Let me back track.  Tuesday:  I was supposed to run 3 miles, do JM level 1, and do a leg workout.  I ran out of time and only ran 2 miles.  I did JM in the morning.  It has been raining all week so I had to do the 2 miles on the treadmill and it was a horrible run on my knee which was another reason I quit then.  Not my most prideful day…however, it got worse.

I woke up Wednesday with a migraine.  I ended up calling out of work and laying in bed til lunch time.  I felt better by the evening but decided to take the day off from working out so I didn’t bring it back.  I had way too much work to do to be in pain all day.

Today I had a much better day! 🙂  I was lazy and didn’t get up early and do my workouts, but I did them this afternoon.  I ran 4 miles outside and it was a great run.  I even caught up to some girls that were pretty far ahead of me on the same route! 🙂  I then came back and did JM level 2 with my roommate.  I had to do the modified version of the cardio so my knee didn’t hurt, but the rest was good!

As for rules today, I drank about 150 oz of water.  I had a piece of pizza for lunch which probably counts as fast food.  I had one diet soda with lunch.  I didn’t eat in my bedroom or after nine.  I had a brownie, but it was about 1 square inch.   🙂  I don’t think I did horribly with the rules for the day!

That is all for today!  I WILL write tomorrow!!!

November 10, 2009

Week 4!

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I really need to be a better blogger.  I’ve added “BLOG” to my post it notes that already say “Go Run!” and “Rules!” hoping it will help me remember.  🙂


Anyway, yesterday was the start of week 4!  Crazy…I’ve been consistent with exercise for almost a month!  It was a cross training day so I decided to head to my favorite–the stadium! 🙂  Originally I was going to cycle to take it easy on my joints but I really miss doing stadiums (I know, weird) so I decided to go for it!  It was such a good workout.  I did 1/3 mile warm up and 1/3 mile cool down.  I went 2 times around doing the lower level which is 30 steps up…some cases 32 steps.  I wish I counted how many sets of those there are, but I want to say 6 or 7 on each side and about 5 in the endzones.  Then, I went all the way to the top (the numbers count to 90 but as you get up past 30, there is a number on every other step so ther are 150 steps! 🙂  I did that 4 times.  Horray!  I also did some tricep push up deal things that I used to try to do there and struggle to do 2 sets of 5.  This time I did 4 sets of 5 on one side and 2 sets of 10 on the other side of the stadium at the end of my workout!  I am getting stronger!  YAY!

I did ice my knees afterwards because they did not enjoy the abuse of running all those stairs.  The left one was the one that hurt, but I decided to play it safe with the right too.

As for today, it was a no run day.  I kinda actually wanted to do some sort of cardio, but followed the plan and did not.  I got up this morning at the lovely 6:15 am and did JM level 2!  That thing kiiiillllsss my arms.  I did the modified version of some of the cardio for less impact on my poor little knees and ankles.  I’m sure my neighbors downstairs appreciate that too.  Tonight, I went to the gym and did arms and abs.  I did my regular round of arms with 3 machines and push ups, 4 sets of 10.  No weight increases, still 70, 70, and 25.  However, I did 6 real push ups instead of 10 girl push ups!  Yessss!  I then did the bench press, tricep curl, chest fly moves (not correct names but kinda the motions I do on the bench) for 3 sets of 10.  I did 200 reps of abs and quit.  I ate a little late…and lots of junk (bad bad bad) at this stupid meeting I had so my stomach still kinda hurt from that.


Now comes the rules…which I’m not sure why I have them because I rarely follow them.  Ugh!

Today, I had fast food that was at that meeting tonight.  It was all junk. Ugh.  I had a bite size piece of cheesecake.  Double ugh.  I didn’t eat after 9pm.  I didn’t eat in my bedroom.  I had 2 diet sodas today.  And….I know I didn’t drink 90 oz of water today.  I probably had 30 oz this morning babysitting and forgot my water bottle when I went to class and had that meeting tonight so I probably have only had about 15 oz tonight.  45 total….not good.


I need way more motivation on the eating side of this.  I’m doing so well with the exercise but I fail miserably with the nutrition.  I would probably see results if I didn’t suck at that so much!


Ok…time to go do work…when I should be sleeping.  So much for healthy sleep habits!

November 7, 2009

Last day of Week 3!

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I didn’t blog yesterday…yet again.  Shew.

Well, good news yesterday!  I got 3 new Jillian dvds.  They were 4 dollars each.  Not the best videos, but they definitely did something.  I was pretty sore when I woke up this morning.  I did the cardio kickboxing which was about 25 minutes and the Shape Up Front which was about 30 minutes.  The Shape Up Front was much harder than cardio kickbox.  That will give me something to mix up my workouts in the morning.

Today, I was supposed to run 4 miles.  I went out to run a little late because I woke up late.  I got nervous on time and only ran about 3.75 miles.  It was a good run for being sore.  There was a nice breeze and it was game day so there were plenty of people tailgating to keep me entertained.  🙂  I also saw 5 turtles and an alligator sunning themselves! 🙂  I was running late to babysit and glad I cut it short or I would have been late.  My left knee bothers me every once in a while.  I had dislocated something in it when I was younger in karate so it bothers me every once in a while now.  All of this jumping around in Jillian and running probably doesn’t really treat it well.  Not to mention I went straight to babysit for 6 hours where I was lugging kids around and running around playing chase and flying kites–I’m exhausted!

As for rules, I drank a lot of water today.  I only had one soda earlier and don’t plan to have anymore.  I ate a mini reeses cup with the kids I babysat.  No fast food.  No eating in my room.  I don’t plan to eat after 9…but my parents are in town at the football game and they want to eat afterward…we’ll see how they feel at 10pm when it is over.

Tomorrow is the beginning of week 4!  Almost a month into this!  Crazy!  It will be a nice crosstraining JM and no running!  Yay for rests for my knees and ankles!

November 6, 2009

Week 3, Day 4 and 5

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Once again, I’m a horrible blogger.  My internet is not cooperating tonight either so this may be a short post for 2 days–both involving running.

Yesterday, I ran 4 miles on the treadmill.  I didn’t get home until it was almost dark and kept putting it off so I had to do it at the gym.  However, it was probably my best run so far.  I had a book that I attempted to read, but failed miserably.  I covered up my stats and just ran and listened to music.  I’m not sure what it was but I never wanted to stop and I finished in 34 minutes and some seconds…I don’t remember exactly now that it has been another day!  Not too shabby!  I also did JM level 1 at lunch time yesterday.  As far as rules go, I had a snickers at the kids house and I think I had more than one diet soda.  Once again, I need to blog every day so I can remember these things.

As for today, I didn’t wake up early enough this morning to do my extra homework and then do Jillian so I waited til tonight.  My roommate also said she would join me so I thought maybe I could talk her into it.  Success!  I got both of my roommates to do level 1 with me.  However, I used soup cans for weights so Coll could feel the actual workout.  That means I probably won’t feel it as much tomorrow.  I’m going to try level 2 again in the morning!  I also ran my 3 miles again on the treadmill because it was dark.  It wasn’t a bad run…not as good as yesterday, but I’ll take it.  I finished in about 25 minutes.  I’m averaging a pace of about 8:30-9 minute miles which is decent.  These workouts were a little tougher today because I didn’t follow my dieting ideas at alllll today!  I had friends go to lunch at Chipotle–I got a salad and only ate half!  Tongiht was also roomie dinner at Olive Garden–I didn’t make such good choices there.  We did our workout as soon as we got home so my belly was really full.  I knew it was a bad idea but Coll was ready and I didn’t want her to cop out on me, so I did it.

I’d rather not go over rules today because I was so bad!  Ahh!  But, if Chipotle counts as fast food, I had that.  I didn’t have any sweets today!  I didn’t eat after 9 pm or in my bedroom.  I had 2 diet sodas and probably only about 40 oz of water total.  I guess I didn’t do horrible according to my rules…but I feel like a rolly polly from all the food.  I guess my stomach is shrinking maybe?!!  Maybe wishful thinking…oh well.

Tomorrow is a no run day!  Also a no class day!  Oh, how I love Fridays! 🙂  I want to do really really well with my eating to make up for today.

And, I’d like to apologize for any errors in this post.  My internet is so slow that I type an entire sentence before it shows up on my screen so I haven’t been checking these things as much as I try to normally!  And…it is too slow to go back and fix, so bear with me.  I promise I am a fairly intelligent student! 🙂

Goodnight world!  I plan to get 8 hours of sleep for the first time all week!  Horray!

November 4, 2009

I don’t have creative titles for my posts…

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First of all, I really suck at creativity.  I need to be a better blogger.  This one is boooring.

Secondly,  I need to remember to blog on no-run days.  I actually remembered last night but my internet was making me so mad that I just turned it all off and studied instead.  So as for rules yesterday, I don’t remember all of them—most likely the typical ones I followed.  I also went to the gym and did an arm/ab workout.

Today, I ran 3 miles.  I did it outside and it was great!  This time change is killing me though!  I had to rush home to go run while it was still daylight but lost motivation as soon as I got home.  So, I decided to go at 6:30 and it was dark.  😦  My roommate went into mommy mode and told me I was dumb for running in the dark so she gave me 2 blinking red lights and made me put one on my back and one on my front.  I put one on my shoe and one on my butt.  As if it wasn’t big enough, I put a big red light on it to draw attention!  She also made me run with my phone…oy…safety first!  I chose main roads and there were lots of stoplights.  I got stopped briefly at a few of them, but most of them I managed to run through and I totally chased some cars.  They would sit at red lights and I would try to get to them before the light turned green.  It was a good way to pick up some speed and I finished in approximately 24 minutes…not bad.  🙂  Angela called me a dog (for chasing cars…I hope, haha)  but I’ll take it.  Gotta do something to keep the motivation!

I then came back and did all of the strength exercises with 30 reps of Jillians level 1.  I was planning to go to RUF at 7:30 and didn’t have the full 20 minutes for her workout so I was just going to get the strength in since I did the cardio in the run.  I’m very very very sore still from level 2 yesterday…I totally forgot that I did that yesterday morning.  Bad news!  It was so hard!  I’m going to do level 1 again tomorrow and maybe try Level 2 on Thursday again.  Yikes.  It was hard.  Between the arm workout and level 2 arms, yiiikes!  Needless to say, I’m pretty sore today.

As for rules, I sucked, as usual.  I didn’t eat fast food, I had a munchkin donut and a brownie(…uggghh roommates tempting me!), I ate the brownie after 9–even worse, I didn’t eat in my room, I had 2 diet sodas tonight, I drank probably 60 oz of water today.

Once again, If I want to see results, I NEEED to start following a stricter diet.  Blaaahh!

Tomorrow is a new day–we’ll see how it goes.  I think I talked my roommate into doing Jillian with me–maybe.  She began a conversation making fun of me for doing workout videos and ended it with “I might try with you one day!”  🙂

Time to get back to doing work….or start doing work.  Oy–so much for a sleeping schedule.  Yikes.

November 1, 2009

Week 3…already!?!

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Today began week 3…crazy.

It was a crosstraining day so I went to the gym on campus.  I did 35 minutes on the elyptical (on the Hill setting, level 12–not sure if that means anything), then went to the bike and did 32 minutes on another hill setting, and then did 15 minutes on the stair master with a speed interval setting.  Overall, I think it was a decent cardio workout.  It was an hour and 22 minutes of cardio which was pretty good and all very low impact on my joints!

As far as rules:

1.  I didn’t eat fast food, but I did make 3 mozarella sticks that were frozen in my freezer so I guess that is fast food like fast food. 😦

2.  I didn’t have any sweets today!  Horray!

3.  I had a fiber bar at 10pm when I got back from the gym.  I had only eaten those mozarella sticks for dinner and was pretty hungry.  I need to plan better!

4.  I didn’t eat in my bedroom.

5.  I had 2 diet sodas–that isn’t bad for sitting at Crispers all day with unlimited drinks available, I chose water for all but 2 of the cups though!

6.  I just finished about 85 oz…I will probably get in 5 more before bed tonight!

I’m slowly getting better at the rules.  My goal this week is really stick to my rules and focus on eating healthier.  I also need to get up and do JM all 5 days this week–no excuses.  I am going to switch it up this week and do Level 2 a few days and Level 1 the rest of the days so that differen’t muscles are working harder and I don’t get bored with the same thing every morning.

Happy November! 🙂

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